Gabrielle Grässle



“I paint all what surrounds me, what I see. My work is intuitive and inspired by all what takes my interest. All becomes form, enters into my drawings and paintings: animals, nature, fashion, films, books, news, also feelings, music, images from childhood up to now, without restrictions. I start my work intuitively with or without an idea. It takes then on a life of its own, goes somewhere else entirely. Often, I develop the ideas from my drawings and transform them into my paintings. My paintings are colourful, figurative, kitsch and large, sometimes with text, mostly 180 x 260 cm, done with acrylic, spray and sometimes glitter. I love large paintings, I like to be surrounded by my imagery, to immerse completely in my world of images. I work normally on 4-6 paintings at the same time and switch between drawings and paintings, which frees me again and again and also leads to new topics.…..… I draw and paint without thinking, pin the drawings on the wall and don’t look longer at them. The drawings are not looking for a result. I live and work in a group of old cottages in the south of Spain where I have several studios to paint and to draw. I hate routine and I always listen to music when I work. I turn the music on and then I let it happen.”