Karolina Zglobicka


Karolina Zglobicka, originally Polish, lives and works in Valencia, Spain.

Moving from Poland to England and then to Spain, inspired her to explore the theme of relocation, changes that confront the familiarity of the space we live in, things left behind and those that adapt to travel with us continuously.

In her recent paintings, Zglobicka examines the physicality and meaning of objects around us, placing them in a reminiscent set up, isolated and removed from natural surroundings just to glorify their influence on memories. She focuses on things we lose, misplace, get rid of, or treasure as souvenirs. Compositions presented on her paintings seem staged for performance, showcasing past events, everyday situations we witnessed, or those alternative ones that could have been, but never happened.

Viewers of her work are invited to take part in an interplay between chosen objects, to feel the tension between selective memory and ubiquitous symbolism hidden behind figurative representation. Context of selected subject matter challenges the borders of familiarity and imagination we project onto what we see.

Main inspiration comes from family photos, objects found on the streets of Valencia with their history to be rewritten by the artist, objects often utterly insignificant, collected pieces of everything that may create an allusive link between composition and essential nature of the memory they respond to.

The way paint is applied on canvas lures the viewer into thinking about time. In attempts of both capturing its liquidity as well as revealing the consequences of allowing
to run freely.

Repetition of layers and motifs, correlation of presented figures, disappearance of definite shapes and meanings, gives an artist a chance to experiment within the history of figurative painting and question boundaries of theoretical descriptions of practice.