Elen Alien


Elena is a Russian artist, currently living and working in Sweden.
Her work focuses on dealing with time and celebrating the beauty of imperfection.

For me, constantly moving between countries, not verbal, but visual language has become an actual form of communication. I see art as magic, the last piece of freedom, the only way to travel through times and the chance to change reality or to see it differently. My art is about our inner processes, often mirroring in the outer world.

Being born in a multicultural environment, I consider myself a woman of the world. I combine elements of different times and cultural communities in order to show the absence of the need for separation, labeling. After all, we form all this together, in co-existence.

Nature with its processes has become both my source of inspiration and the most suitable material for my works. I am interested in its symbolic properties, intertextuality, transformative qualities, energy, and mood. I unite opposites, as the tenderness of flowers and the hardness of epoxy resin, thereby revealing the ambivalence of being. I tear objects out of their natural cycle, idealizing them, transforming the finite into a semblance of the infinite.

My work focuses on dealing with time. I celebrate the beauty of imperfection because every flaw is a trace of the inexorable elusiveness of time, evidence of experiential involvement and thus an organ of self-identification. That’s why the contingency of the process and the errors resulting from the experimental move are important to my practice.