Céline Nordberg


Céline is a danish artist, living in Copenhagen. Céline has always had a passion for painting and drawing. Most of her earlier work was dedicated to the realism but as she grew older she got more fond of figurative art. Today, she still uses her knowledge of realistic drawing when she paints figurative art.

Her art is figurative and minimalistic. She likes to paint objects that the eye can recognize, but still in colors and shapes that don't ‘fit’ into how we normally perceive the world. You will find that the motives such as bodies in different positions and faces with different looks symbolize emotions and state of minds. Overall her art encircles the themes femininity, vulnerability and fragility. The delicate pastel colors, the figures poses and the nude and minimalistic feeling in her art is a way of portraying the power in vulnerability and fragility. Something that in western culture is often looked upon as signs of weakness.

She uses watercolor on cotton paper.