Katharina Fitz

Fitz, Katharina

Katharina Fitz's work includes sculpture, installation and photography, with a special focus on architecture and industrial processes.

In doing so, she researches various manufacturing processes and their interaction with space. She is mainly dedicated to traditional mediums such as mold design, ceramic casting and plasterworks. By using these, objects are constantly mirrored, copied and mutated and thus go through a kind of material metamorphosis. Normally objects are kept hidden from the viewer during the production process, but Fitz presents them as independent objects in order to question our appreciation of manufacturing processes in a highly globalized world.

Her space installations stand in direct dialogue with the surrounding architecture. Here the objects function as kind of a prosthesis to the room or appear decontextualized. Fitz expands the understanding and experience of our environment, which is constantly expanded, activated or abstracted through their interaction.

Her photography deals with questions about the changes, phenomena and structures that we find in the city and how they influence our coexistence in urban space.