Pestene, Aurelia

When only a photograph is not enough…

Aurelia's work is a mix between photography prints on paper or canvas and pointillism, so you can easily call it a mixed media art. Every picture, every little dot has a meaning since the whole project is...

Daniela Peter

Peter, Daniela

I live and work as an artist and graphic designer in Hohenems.
My preferred artistic medium is photography.
I make natural light photographs of puristic motifs
such as plant leaf portraits and cloud formations
and dive into matter and non-matter...

Carmen Pfanner

Pfanner, Carmen

For me, my art is always connected to energy flows, mechanical processes and transformation. In no way do I want this to be understood in an esoteric sense. My work is also a driving force in my personal life. This also reflects in my multi-part...

Pi, Johanne

“At the intersection of the grotesque and the inviting, there is a space, that exudes such a calmness, that the only thing that can exist is a deep unease; and that is precisely where all of my art stems from”

Johanne Pi, born 2000, is a...

Poppema, Marijke

Marijke is  a Dutch artist, currently living close to her hometown in the city Groningen, Netherlands. She is thrilled to have her studio right at home with lots of natural light where she can spend hours and hours painting. 

Traveling through...

Dorothea Rosenstock

Rosenstock, Dorothea

Dorothea Rosenstock, born 1979 in Männedorf at Lake Zurich graduated from the Lucerne University of Art and Design with a specialization in textile design. She then moved to Finland and enrolled at Aalto University Helsinki for a master's degree...

Franziska Stiegholzer

Stiegholzer, Franziska

Franziska Stiegholzer has lived and worked in Frastanz (Vorarlberg, Austria) for several years. For the Viennese artist, the aim of her objects is to induce sort of a directness and genuine view ...

Tillack, Alice

German artist, lives and works in Hamburg.

Trolle, Lotte

Lotte has worked in fashion most of her life. She has sewn costumes for many theater performances and worked as a manager at Nordisk Films kostumedepartment for 12 years (for cinema and TV). Lotte has also worked as a freelance stylist for...

Mila Plaickner

Veljac'a, Mila

The engagement with art is guided by the process and intuitive.

My pictures have approaches from the figurative, and abstraction. They are playgrounds as well as construction sites. A part of me, my inner self.

My painting always has unfinished...