Lund, Trine

Trine Lund (born 1975 in Denmark) creates strong graphic artwork on canvas and paper framed in solid carpentry wood frames. Trine works with everything from paper, canvas, and self-designed fabrics for wet wipes and banal everyday excerpts...

Photo: Julia Lysén

Lysén, Julia

Julia Lysén is a Swedish artist based in Gothenburg.

During different periods in her life, she has returned to being creative. For the past few years more than ever before. With a pen in her hand she feels at ease. It´s where she finds her...

Maia, Sara

Artist Statement
“I am a Portuguese artist, born in Lisbon and currently living between Ilha das Flores
(Azores) and Lisbon.
My work talks about the Human Being, its relationships, hierarchies, powers, the rational
and the irrational, as well as...

Claudia Mang

Mang, Claudia

Für Claudia Mang bedeutet Kunst von Anfang an: Lebendigkeit und Freiheit. Vielleicht weil der Vater Bildhauer ist und sie schon immer gern in Werkstätten und Ateliers war oder einfach weil Kunst eine so unbegrenzte Welt eröffnen kann. 

Ob sie...

Julie Monaco

Monaco, Julie

Julie has been working on the content-related focus of digital image generation by means of fractal structures/surfaces (renderings) in dialogue with analog elements since 2001. The concentration is on the exploration of fractal rendering...

Mosbæk, Katrine

Katrine Larsen Mosbæk is a Danish art photographer, currently based in Berlin. Katrine travelled around the world for her art projects, always on the move to capture her view of the world. She's spent uncountable hours in nature, waiting for the...

Nordberg Nielsen, Céline

Céline is a danish artist, living in Copenhagen. Céline has always had a passion for painting and drawing. Most of her earlier work was dedicated to the realism but as she grew older she got more fond of figurative art. Today, she still uses her...

Nyberg Chromy, May-Britt

The artist was born in 1965 in Herning (Denmark) and has lived and worked as a freelance artist in Feldkirch (Vorarlberg, ) since 1993. Her works are very diverse. Besides paper-mâché objects, acrylic painting and collages. Her work combines...

Michaela Ortner-Moosbrugger

Ortner-Moosbrugger, Michaela

Recently I was asked what the forest means to me. My answer was
very simple: the forest is my everything.
It is the place of peace and quiet for me, which is then broken by loud birdsong.
birds. It is the place full of life, where a coexistence...

Oudheusden, Astrid

Astrid lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
If she hadn't become a painter, Astrid Oudheusden would have become a psychologist, as human interaction and human beings fascinate her to no end. The award-winning painter, who resides in the...