Conni Holzer

Holzer, Conni

I make transmedia art in the sense of in between, through and across different media: painting (preferably large-scale oil paintings), drawing, performance, voice, poetry, video and installation are part and/or result of my artistic processes. My...

Höss, Dagmar

Text, der weibliche Körper und Kleidung sind wiederkehrende Elemente in meinen fotografischen Werkserien und Installationen. In der 2019 in New York begonnen Serie „It’s complicated“ etwa sind Textfragmente der Ausgangspunkt für mehr als vierzig...

Rita Howis

Howis, Rita

Rita Howis is a creative rebel and artist by heart with a background in architecture and design. Originally from Russia, she lived in 7 different countries and settled in Denmark. Being adventurous and inventive, Rita had developed a signature...

Hilda Keemink

Keemink, Hilda

Hilda Keemink grew up in The Hague /Netherlands and worked until 1987 in her profession as an engineer of technical physics. 
The handling of different materials was always an important aspect in the design of her works. While in her earlier...

Gabriela Klocker

Klocker, Gabriela

The question here is not whether what is told is true or not, but whether the content can claim truth value.
My works are snapshots in time of a narrative structure, the blur is a stylistic element of the ephemeral, a subjective image of a...

Koldobskaya, Marina

Marina Koldobskaya graduated from the prestigious V.I. Mukhina Higher School of Art in St. Petersburg (now Baron von Stieglitz Academy of Design), but did not want to pursue a career as an official artist and went underground.
In 1987, during...

Birgit Konzett

Konzett, Birgit

A colorful upgrade could be attributed to the Austrian artist Birgit Konzett. In addition to very graphic, detailed works she recently shows strong pictures, partly based on botany.
You will find simple works with natural nuances in her...

Kormann, Eva

"Kurz gesagt: Ich schaffe Möglichkeiten – durch die Verbindung von Motiv zu
Smartphone zu Künstlerin zu Bearbeitungsprogramm zu Webpräsenz oder
Präsentation zu Rezipient entstehen dann viele weitere Bildaussagen.
Diese permanente Änderung der...

Carmen Lins

Lins, Carmen

"With the dynamics of the color gradations an expressive
painting that adheres to abstraction and yet does not miss the representational."

Bianca Lugmayr

Lugmayr, Bianca

In her sewn works, Bianca Lugmayr tells collage-like stories about femininity, womanhood and the right to a self-determined life.

Her interest lies in mixing and dissolving the boundaries between painting, embroidery, print, photography and...