Carlsvig, Kristine

Christen, Judith

Die Arbeiten von Judith Christen sprechen das Innerste in uns an und berühren
unsere Seele. Die zahlreichen Schichten und unterschiedlichen Techniken auf den
Bildern bewirken eine Tiefe, in der man sich verlieren soll. So erkennen wir immer

Daohua Lou, Louise

Lou is from Hangzhou, China, and lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

She works with acrylic/oil paintings, ink drawings, and digital works.

Her artworks document her reflections on human society's various relationships and communications.  In addition to...

Jenetta de Konink

de Konik, Jenetta

Jenetta de Konink was born in 1958 in Rijswijk, the Netherlands. She studied fashion design at the Academy of Fine Arts in `s-Hertogenbosch and worked for a large fashion chain as a buyer/stylist in her home country. De Konink, who only started...

Fitz, Katharina

Fitz, Katharina

Katharina Fitz's work includes sculpture, installation and photography, with a special focus on architecture and industrial processes.

In doing so, she researches various manufacturing processes and their interaction with space. She is mainly...

Julia Fuchs

Fuchs, Julia

"My work is primarily about questioning the prevailing heteronormative gender roles but also the position of the omnipotent artist and exploring alternatives."

Fuks, Elena

Elena Fuks is an artist, illustrator and (graphic) designer working under the pseudonym LENTOV. She was born in 1993 in Moscow and is currently located in Barcelona. She has started her artistic career in 2009. As of today, Elena had 7 solo...

Grässle, Gabrielle


“I paint all what surrounds me, what I see. My work is intuitive and inspired by all what takes my interest. All becomes form, enters into my drawings and paintings: animals, nature, fashion, films, books, news, also feelings, music, images...

Grell, Sophie C.

Sophie C. Grell *1975, is an artist and architect, she works, lives and teaches in Vienna.


Gschwantner, Christina

Christina Gschwantner's pictures are reminiscent of what Pablo Picasso once said: “As a child, everyone is an artist. The difficulty lies in staying one as an adult”. Christina Gschwantner has retained this lightness in her work and paired it...