Alien, Elen

Elena is a Russian artist, currently living and working in Sweden.
Her work focuses on dealing with time and celebrating the beauty of imperfection.

For me, constantly moving between countries, not verbal, but visual language has become an actual...

Althaus, Lisa

For me, art is a way of thinking and engaging with the world. My artistic work serves as an instrument of research and comprehension, of personal expression and communication. The different pictorial languages and styles are indispensable...

Kimia Bahari

Bahari, Kimia

Kimia Bahari unites culture and lineage through strong female portraits with a message. She is originally a trained fashion designer and digital concept developer with a background in entrepreneurship and marketing. In fall 2021 she went...

Bath, Johanna

„My work can be seen as a collage fueled by memory, by colors and shapes of imagination and elements of inspiration that trigger this deeply felt urge to be painted.

The idea of „time“ and everything that is linked to that emotionally such as...

Bendixen, Rose

“I read somewhere that art is supposed to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable, and that’s really what I’m attempting to do - in my own colorful and empathic way.” 

Rose Bendixen (@visdum_) is a Copenhagen based artist, born 2000....

Melanie Berlinger

Berlinger, Melanie

Melanie Berlinger illustrates magnifications of natural objects in her prints. The unusual view of everyday objects creates works of art that are captivating in their detailed and precise representation. The objects are pictured detached from...

Cornelia Blum-Satler

Blum-Satler, Cornelia

Cornelia Blum-Satler, born in Höchst / Vorarlberg in 1961, originally specialized in the textile sector. Her training as a weaver repeatedly flows into her artwork. Already at an early age she spun her own threads of mulberry silk on the spinning...

Johanna Breuß

Breuß, Johanna

"Art is my favorite language," says Johanna Breuß.
Creative expression has always been part of her life, she has painted and drawn a lot as a child, crafts and lived out by means of creativity, later she worked in textile design.
Abstract acrylic...

Burns, Cristina

Cristina Burns, an American artist born in Spain but raised in Naples, Italy, where she still lives, approaches photography very young as her favorite form of expression. She creates surrealistic compositions through her photography by...

Carlsvig, Kristine