Johanna Bath


„My work can be seen as a collage fueled by memory, by colors and shapes of imagination and elements of inspiration that trigger this deeply felt urge to be painted.

The idea of „time“ and everything that is linked to that emotionally such as memory, transience and the brevity of a moment is something that interest me as a subject. Time is abstract and therefore tricky to paint but when connected to our experience and memory, it is filled with sentiment and emotion.
When painting I reflect on those narratives like purpose, meaning, time, timing and try to depict „a sense of time“ on canvas. My work should generate a feeling of calmness. I like the paintings to be serene and silent and although being about time and its movement, to represent a moment that is detached from it.

As humans, we get to experience millions of moments in our lives - but each one only once. This simple fact never fails to inspire me. Although I often paint faces I am rather trying to make a „anti-portrait“ - it is not about the features of the person in particular but about transporting a feeling.

To me, the whole process of painting is like a play and a search for a certain balance within the piece. My practice doesn’t involve sketches - I start from scratch and go by trial and error which is a battle but also the most fun as it leaves room for the accidental. The best paintings to me are always the ones I get totally lost in and I can barely tell how I painted them or why - the whole process is almost like a spiritual experience.“